Urbanisation in India

India is among the least urbanised countries in the world today and is urbanising very fast.“Urbanization is an index of transformation from traditional rural economies to modern industrial one. It is a long term process.”


This paper by Pranati Datta of Indian Statistical Institute “endeavours to illuminate on the process of urbanisation in India over a century with emphasis on level, tempo of urbanisation and urban morphology using Indian Census data during 1901-2001.”


“The graduation of number of urban centres from lower population size categories to class I cities has resulted top heavy structure of urban population in India. India’s urbanization is often termed as over urbanisation, pseudo- urbanization. The big cities attained inordinately large population size leading to virtual collapse in the urban services and followed by basic problems in the field of housing, slum, water, infrastructure, quality of life etc.”


Article: http://www.infostat.sk/vdc/epc2006/papers/epc2006s60134.pdf


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