Megacity Challenges

‘‘This report on Megacity challenges looks at the challenges facing megacities in city management and five critical infrastructure sectors: Transportation, Electricity, Water and Waste Water, Healthcare, and Safety and Security. The conclusions are based on a survey of 522 stakeholders spread across 25 cities. Stakeholders were divided into four groups: Elected political leaders, employees of the municipality, private sector infrastructure providers, construction company managers, and financiers. People who are in roles that influence infrastructure decision makers such as thought leaders, academics, NGOs, and media.

 The key findings of the study are as follows: 

  • Megacities prioritize economic competitiveness and employment
  • The environment matters, but may be sacrificed for growth
  • Transport overtakes all other infrastructure concerns
  • Better governance is a vital step towards better cities
  • Holistic solutions are desired but difficult to achieve
  • Cities will seek to improve services, but could do more to manage demand
  • Technology will help deliver transparency and efficiency
  • The private sector has a role to play in increasing efficiency’’


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